Let's start with some Linux Server Commands and Linux General Tips plus some Linux Server Setup notes. While we're at it, how about some Wiki Meta info?

Sometimes I need some PowerShell Tricks. And, weirdly enough, Notepad++ Tricks. Not that I like using it, but Microsoft Office is a part of my life, so that, too.

I have a GoPro? and I (currently) use HitFilm Express DaVinci Resolve to manipulate the videos from that device.

Also, sometimes we archive shiny-platter materials using Handbrake.

I built a Matrix Synapse server for the family's use, and now that requires some documentation. I also am paying to run a new Mastodon instance because doing it myself sucks, and being my own admin still requires some notes.

We have a Ubiquiti UniFi device in the house, and there are some... quirks to deal with.

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