Let's start with some Linux Server Commands and Linux General Tips plus some Linux Server Setup notes. While we're at it, how about some Wiki Meta info? And maybe some Browser Safety tips? And we should store our random Windows 11 info somewhere as well.

Sometimes I need some PowerShell Tricks. And, weirdly enough, Notepad++ Tricks. Not that I like using it, but Microsoft Office is a part of my life, so that, too.

I have a GoPro? and I (currently) use HitFilm Express DaVinci Resolve to manipulate the videos from that device.

Also, sometimes we archive shiny-platter materials using Handbrake.

I built a Matrix Synapse server for the family's use, and now that requires some documentation. I also am paying to run a new Mastodon instance because doing it myself sucks, and being my own admin still requires some notes.

We have a Ubiquiti UniFi device in the house, and there are some... quirks to deal with.

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