Certbot Stuff

To certify a new site/host:

certbot --apache --expand -d host.domain -d newhost.domain -d newdomain

The "expand" is the trick, just use the -d indicators to tag on the new whatever.

Migrating off of an old server and need certbot to not renew certs? First find the correct name with:

certbot certificates

And then:

certbot delete --cert-name host.domain

Listening Ports

sudo ss -atpu

S3CMD Stuff

There's some configuration to do (look in Linode's or Wasabi's help depending on which bucket system you're using), but the sync command looks a bit like this in your crontab:

15 5 * * * /usr/bin/s3cmd sync /opt/backups/frellco/ s3://greyduck-node2-backups/frellco/

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