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NG+ run, Deer "Maddening"

In house:

  • Byleth (Miles as in Vorkosigan) - War Monk, Claws / Sword (SotC) / Faith
  • Claude - Barbarossa, Bow / Sword
  • Hilda - Wyvern Lord, Axe / Lance
    • Needs Lance at C for starter Peg class, then Axe at B for Wyvern Rider. Goal accordingly.
  • Marianne - Gremory or maybe Bishop, Faith / Reason
    • She is doing Sword & Faith goals but once Sword hits C, should drop Sword for Reason
  • Lorenz - DK (it's what he's born to do), Lance / Axe
  • Lysithea - Valkyrie or maybe Gremory, Reason / Faith
  • Leonie - Peg Knight, Bow / Lance (we want Darting Blow, she should also go through Archer for Hit +20)
    • Lance already at C which gets her to Cavalier, needs Riding at D.

And some hirelings.

  • Petra - Best Girl. Wyvern Lord, Axe / Sword
  • Dorothea - Dancer (it's what she's actually good at), Sword
  • Felix - Cuisinart, Claws / Sword
  • Sylvain - DK, Lance / Axe
  • Yuri - Trickster (we want his repositioning party trick), Sword / Bow
  • Connie - Gremory or maybe Valkyrie (it has modest Mag growth, unlike Dark Flier), Reason / Faith / Sword for amusement value (she has Soulblade/Hexblade).

That makes 13.

Weapon tallies:

  • Sword - Byleth, Claude, Petra, Felix, Yuri
  • Axe - Hilda, Lorenz, Petra, Sylvain
  • Lance - Hilda, Lorenz, Leonie, Sylvain
  • Bow - Claude, Leonie, Yuri, maybe Petra
  • Claws - Byleth, Felix


NG+ run, Deer "Ten Elites"

Some meme-building going on with this, on top of limiting ourselves to the descendants of the Ten Elites, more-or-less...

  • Byleth (Pacifica) - DK. I've never done this with a Byleth before, why the hell not?
  • Claude - Mortal Savant. Because he actually has a good spell kit AND a boon in sword. Need to run him through Bow stuff (sniper?) to make sure Hunting By Daybreak isn't a total boondoggle though.
  • Hilda - Have we never made her a PegKnight? Well, she's fine with lances, let's.
  • Lorenz - Axe+Lance Wyvern Lord
  • Felix - Kinda want to try the Great Knight idea (you can make the Aegis shield look like a proper shield!)
  • Sylvain - Holy Knight (I'm so sorry dude) basically making him a mounted support caster
  • Ingrid - Other DK, with a side of Dark Flier for when the terrain is horrible.
  • Lysithea - ...Dancer?!? If we beat the sword bane we get Soulblade (Res boosts damage of attack).
  • Annette - War Cleric
  • Marianne - Dark Flier (yeah a repeat, sigh) with Blutgang (instead of Frozen Lance) so at least that part is new.
  • Mercedes - Bow Knight with a side of P/F-Knight to get her off the ground in rough-terrain maps. Yes, we're losing her entire spell kit, but Marianne exists, as do a few others.
  • Catherine (the pickup/spare) - War Cleric because she has a boon in punching? And she gets Recover??


NG+ run, BE Redux

We've never actually done Edelgard properly. (As it were.)

  • Balsa the Bylass - Trickster
    • Goals: Faith (B) from Choir and Faculty Training as much as possible.
    • The question of whether we steal Yuri's special trinket is an open settled one. He'a a Dancer, he doesn't need to "canto" too.
    • Status: We should stop by our room and nab the Brigand, Peg Knight, and Paladin masteries.
  • Edelgard - Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Axe (A) & Flying (A)
    • Status: Basically done, Lance is at C and she has no other special requirements. (We picked up Death Blow and Darting Blow from Brigand and Peg Knight already.)
  • Hubert - DK
    • Goals: Reason (B+) & Riding (A)
    • He's got a long row to hoe. We've never built up Her Majesty's Personal Vampire before. He has a budding talent in Lance, he needs Riding, Reason won't really be much of an issue.
    • NOTE Dark Seal 1 acquired but we didn't even go through Dark Mage, do we care about getting the 2nd seal? Eh, we stole it, just not sure if we're going to do anything with it.
    • Status: He's mounted, but Riding still needs to hit A for DK. That's it though!
  • Ferdie - Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Lance (A) (for the Combat Art) & Flying (A)
    • NOTE Also gets Swift Strikes, so give him an actual Lance at some point, might as well get the Spear of Assholes once he hits A as well.
  • Linhardt - also DK
    • Goals: Lance (C) & Riding (A)
    • Same problem as Hubie, we've never done anything with Lazybones before. Whoops.
    • Status: We cheesed his Reason so that's done, it's just... the horsing around. Lazy sod.
  • Petra - Assassin
    • Goals: Sword & Bow
    • Status: Finished
  • Felix - War Monk
    • Goals: Reason (C) & Faith (B)
    • NOTE His Reason kit runs out at C (Thoron) and his Faith kit stops at B (Restore, the AOE status cleanse). Once those are reached, there's no point keeping up learning magics except for Reason "mastery" levels to hit more/harder.
  • Sylvain - Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Axe (A) & Flying (A)
    • He's been here before, this is a low-effort build.
    • NOTE We'll want Lance (his special toy AND his special CA) and Bow (to give us a 2nd shooter, one with more mobility) to be his primary weapons in the long run
  • Yuri - Dancer
    • Goals: Sword & Reason (no particular targets)
    • Status: Finished
  • Constance - Valk with a side of... Dee Kay? Seriously!
    • Goals: Lance (C) & Riding (A)
    • NOTE We were going to multi over to DF, but we're actually going to try... DK? I mean what?
    • Status: Technically "done" for her original (Valk) goal, but now we're building toward deek-ness. For the lulz.

The "Plus Two"

  • Mercedes - Valk most likely (also probably marrying again because options are slim)
    • Goals: Reason (B) and Riding (B)
  • Lysithea - Valk most likely
    • Goals: Faith (why not?) & Riding (B)


NG+ run, Flapflappers

We're using Dimi's house this time, just bouncing back and forth between him and Claude because Edelgard's just a big NOPE at this point. Also, we're keeping to a "tight ten" core roster.

  • Boyleth (as yet unnamed) - WL (Sword)
  • Dimitri - WL (Lance)
    • Brigand for Death Blow, thus Axe for now, plus Flying
  • Dedue - WL (Axe)
    • Brigand for Death Blow
    • Lance to C, then Axe/Flying. (We can cheese Axe as needed.)
  • Felix - WL (Axe/Bow)
    • Axe and Bow goals (Bow just enough to get Archer)
    • Need to go through Archer for Hit +20
  • Ingrid - dual-class FK/DF because WHY NOT?
  • Sylvain - WL (Lance/Axe)
    • Need to go through Archer for Hit +20
  • Mercedes - DF
  • Dorothea - DF (plus also Dancer but won't actually be that hardly ever)
  • Petra - FK (for a change!) (Lance/Bow)
    • Lance and Flying, we'll worry about (cheesing) Bow later. She has enough Sword to FK.
  • Hilda - DF (and: gonna marry that girl)


  • Annette (DF w/ Bolt Axe+ makes her a solid 11th for those occasional maps)
  • Hapi (DF)
  • Ashe (Wyvern I guess, whatever)
  • Seteth is perma-adjutant, let's be honest, but we're ignoring Flayn this time.


NG+ run, Abyss Kids + The Deer

Just a quick list of our 14, and we'll figure out #15 once we know what the pairings will look like:

  • Byleth (...Falcon Knight again?)
    • Has Peg Knight mastery. Is being trained on Axe for future Boyleth run as WL.
  • Claude (Claude)
    • Has Archer mastery
  • Hilda (DK, she has boon in Lance and it's a useful way to get Bolting into play)
    • Mage (Mastered) -> Paladin -> DK
  • Lorenz (DK)
    • Has Mage mastery
  • Lysithea (Valk, a better fit than DF honestly)
    • Has Mage mastery
  • Marianne (Trickster)
    • Has Thief mastery
  • Sylvain (Wyvern Lord)
    • Has Brigand mastery
  • Felix (War Master, prob'ly, after a stop by War Monk for the Brawl Avoid)
    • Has Brigand mastery
  • Ingrid (Falcon Knight)
    • Has Peg Knight mastery
  • Hapi (Valk)
    • NEEDS Mage mastery
  • Constance (DF)
    • NEEDS Mage mastery
  • Yuri (Mortal Sav)
    • Has Thief mastery
    • Sword to B and Bow to C to unlock Assassin, then goal to Reason because Mortal Sav needs lots.
  • Balthus (War Master, adjutant/benchwarmer)
    • Has Brigand mastery
  • Dorothea (Dancer & Spouse)
    • Has Mage mastery


  • Nausicaa and Dorothea
  • Claude and Flayn
  • Yuri and Ingrid
  • Balthus and Hilda
  • Lorenz and Marianne
  • Constance and Hapi
  • Felix and Lysithea
  • Sylvain (bachelor)


NG+ run, Cathedral, "Tsovayne"

Subtitle: "and the Valkyries"

Squad Goals

  • Tsovayne was originally going to be a BK but what if... Holy Knight? For the ultimate lulz.
    • Progression
      • Whatever else, master Brigand for Death Blow. DONE
      • Go through Paladin mastery for Aegis at the very least.
    • Goals
      • Cav requires Lance C and Riding D (we're already D+). Paladin needs B in both.
    • Faculty Training
      • Riding: Hanneman, Jeralt, Jeritza.
      • Faith: Rhea, Manuela (need this for the "hidden talent" unlock, sigh).
  • Shamir is wife goals, and this time we're going to try making her a bow-equipped Falcon Knight.
    • Progression
      • Master Brigand for Death Blow. (Give C Axe to unlock the class, or try at lower Axe level and hope RNGesus smiles on her, then use Lance as actual weapon.)
    • Goals
      • Sword to eventually unlock Falcon Knight. Authority on general principle, for now at least.
  • Annette with the Bolt Axe+ (forge from Steel Axe, remember this) as a Dark Flier? YES PLZ.
    • Progression
      • Monk (optional Mag +2) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Dark Flier.
    • Goals
      • She's got C+ Axe for Lightning Axe, but needs B to wield the Bolt Axe, so keep at it.
  • Bernie-Bear is... going to be a mounted lancer, probably just straight-up Pally. Because Vengeance and Pass from the "budding" of Riding, etc, as well as if she is damaged at all she gets +5 ATK. This could be interesting.
    • Progression
      • Master Brigand for Death Blow.
    • Goals
      • Lance and Riding at B gets her Paladin.
  • Catherine... could be an Assassin. Let's try for that. It's at least different.
    • Progression
    • Goals
      • Need to see what I can cheese when she's recruited.
  • Dorothea as Mortal Savant seems... broken and wrong, so obviously needs trying. She'll also be our Dancer candidate. *shrug*
    • Progression
      • Myrmidon -> Archer (mastery for Hit +20) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Assassin -> Mortal Savant
    • Goals
  • Flayn is a benchwarmer, that is, adjutant of some flavor. We'll give this thought once we're stuck with her. For now, she's a baby flapflap.
    • Progression
      • N/A
    • Goals
      • N/A
  • Hapi will be a DK, by way of Valk.
    • Progression
      • Monk -> Mage -> Cav -> Valk -> DK
    • Goals
      • Lance for DK, Faith to get those spells unlocked (Warp at A).
  • Hilda can't be recruited until just before timeskip but we'll do what we can with her nonetheless, and the ideal outcome is War Cleric, provided that isn't genderlocked.
    • Progression
    • Goals
      • Going to need a lot of Brawl and Faith, the latter of which we may have cheesed at the end of the Azure Moon run...?
  • Ingrid as Dark Flier? Because we can't have enough of those? And she's... actually a viable mage? Well then. (It's not her strong suit but it's different and that's one of the goals here.)
    • Progression
      • Needs the Mage's Fiendish Blow mastery, among other things.
    • Goals
      • Somehow she needs to get to B+ Reason for DF, on top of the C flying.
  • Lysithea has to be a Dark Flier. Vyx has been raving about that combo for days.
    • Progression
      • Mage's Fiendish Blow is definitely a requirement.
    • Goals
      • Riding (prep for next run)
  • Marianne also probably Dark Flier with her Frozen Lance, after she unlocks Silence and can play as off-healer besides.
    • Progression
      • Mage's Fiendish Blow, same as the rest of the DF brigade.
    • Goals
      • Same as Lysi, gotta grind Flying training, but even more importantly she's never had any Reason, so that's primary goal now.
  • Manuela as Trickster (which is a sort of EO-adjacent distaff-Mortal-Sav thing)? Seems doable. She's never going to be important to the team but this gives her something to aim for. I misused her last game, I want to make it up to her.
    • Progression
      • Thief, then Trickster, mostly. Might backfill another class later, but we have nothing to cheese at this point.
    • Goals
      • Sword to B (currently C+) will unlock Trickster. Also, if we can get her (bane) Reason to A she gets... Bolting.
  • Mercy is best healer. Let her do what she does best, but this time from horseback as a Valkyrie. A healer (and go-faster battalion user) with Canto? Heck yes.
    • Progression
      • Monk -> Mage (yes get Fiendish Blow) -> Valk (hopefully)
    • Goals
      • Will need to have Riding as a goal a lot because we don't want Cav as an intermediate step at all.
      • Got into Valk, so accumulating some actual Authority for better mercs might not be bad? Hard to say. Might loop back to just super-pushing Faith later.
  • Petra is probably going with the Wyvern Lord game plan. Note that SPD is really her best stat, and build accordingly. She... also has a boon in Bows. Which just seems broken honestly. Can she cosplay as Claude?
    • Progression
      • Myrmidon -> Brigand (Death Blow) -> Archer (Hit +20) -> Peg Knight (mastery if possible?) -> Wyvern Rider (mastery if possible?) -> Wyvern Lord
    • Goals

Ignoring E because we're going church not state.

Relationship Goals

  • Tsovayne and Shamir
  • Annette and Mercy
  • Bernie and Ferdie
  • Ingrid and Seteth
  • Petra and Caspar
  • Hapi and Linhardt
  • Marianne and Hilda
  • Doro and Manuela (again, but otherwise they're both bachelorettes, so...)
  • Catherine and Rhea (if it's actually possible)
  • Lysithea - bachelorette (because Cyril's her only other option, and no.)
  • Flayn - bachelorette


NG+ run, Blue Lions "Rael"

Squad Goals

  • Rael (M!Byleth) - I'll have fliers (Hilda, Annette, Cathi, Seteth) galore, maybe dual up on Assassin & the native Enlightened One. DONE
    • Classes: Myrmidon (mastery for Swap) -> Thief (no mastery) -> Assassin (mastery for Lethality)
    • Goals: TODO - See what we need to do "faculty" training toward, maybe with an eye toward next game cheesing. (Riding?)
  • Dimitri - As the head-of-house, he's got his inherent special, but he's the god of lances so probably something mounted for mobility wouldn't hurt.
    • Classes: Soldier (mastery for Def +2) -> Mercenary (mastery for Vantage optional) -> Cavalier (no mastery) -> Paladin (mastery for Aegis) -> inherent High/Great Lord
    • Goals: TODO - He's in Great Lord mode, check on if just going for S+ on Lance is the best plan, once we can actually do goals-related things, ugh.
  • Anna - Can't be a Dancer, so... benched for now really.
  • Annette - One of our mages, she's no Lysi or Doro and might in fact (given her axe buffs... Lightning Axe at rank C Axe training??) make a good axe-wielding Wyvern Lord using Bolt Axe+ to go ham on folks.
    • Classes: Monk (mastery for Mag +2) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Armored Knight (just unlock and change into once for the stat buffs) -> Pegasus Knight (mastery for Darting Blow) -> Wyvern Rider (mastery for Seal Defense) -> Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Axe and Flying for Wyvern stuff once she masters Peg Knight
  • Ashe - Bow Knight as he's our resident Bernadette-type. Easy call.
    • Classes: Fighter (mastery for Str +2) -> Archer (mastery for Hit +20 hell yes) -> Cavalier (no mastery) -> Bow Knight.
    • Goals: Riding to A+ for movement +1
  • Catherine - Falcon Knight FTW
    • Classes: Follow Ingrid's route, basically.
    • Goals: Lance and Flying to get to Falcon Knight
  • Dedue - Tanky ground-pounder, almost certainly FortKnight. Of course we lose him for several months (or permanently) so... meh?
    • Classes: Don't care. Work toward FortKnight however, not wasting planning time or effort on this.
  • Dorothea - Magic nuke, was thinking Lysithea but without Lorenz (for reasons) to get the Thrysus from his paralogue, there's no point.
    • Classes: Follow Mercy's route. She's already in Monk, excellent.
    • Goals: Reason to get range +1 at S rank.
  • Felix - The Internet says Bow Knight or War Master, but he's primed by the devs to be a Mortal Savant, which The Internet says sucks. It might, but I don't like Felix so screw it, Mortal Savant he gets to be. DONE
    • Classes: Myrmidon (mastery for Spd +2) -> Mercenary (mastery for Vantage optional) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Assassin (mastery) -> Mortal Savant
    • Goals: Sword for the A+ and S rank benefits.
  • Flayn - Dancer, her goals and build are irrelevant.
  • Hilda - We will have two other flying axemurderesses. What about a Great Knight?
    • Classes: Fighter (for the mastery) and/or Brigand (for the mastery) -> Armored Knight (Armored Blow mastery) -> Fortress Knight (Pavise mastery) -> Great Knight
      • Main problem might be getting enough Riding up, but fixing that without wasting time in a Lance-using class is tricky. Cavalier at least lets you use an axe, and we don't care about its mastery (Desperation, lawl), so maybe put that into the mix.
    • Goals: Brawl and/or Faith to build toward next run.
  • Ignatz - Bow Knight par excellence
    • Classes: Follow Ashe's route. He came already in the Fighter class, which helps.
    • Goals: Riding to A+ for movement +1
  • Ingrid - Falcon Knight and that's DONE.
    • Classes: Fighter (mastery for Str +2) -> Brigand (mastery for Death Blow) -> Armored Knight (just unlock and change into once for the stat buffs) -> Pegasus Knight (mastery for Darting Blow) -> Wyvern Rider (mastery for Seal Defense) -> Falcon Knight
    • Goals: Lance for the S rank benefits if possible.
  • Mercedes - Gremory, she's the healbot of healbots.
    • Classes: Monk (mastery for Mag +2) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Bishop (mastery for Renewal? optional) -> Gremory
      • Note the lack of Priest, which has the terrible mastery among other things. Meh.
    • Goal: Faith for the S rank range buff.
  • Petra - Marriage material, going to go Wyvern Lord this time because she's strong in Axe and Flying (?!?!) training as it is. Dang.
    • Classes: Arrived as Myrmidon. Need: Brigand -> Peg Knight -> Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Axe for the A+ and S rank benefits.
  • Seteth - Another Wyvern Lord, eventually.
    • Goals: Axe and Flying to get to Wyvern Lord from Wyvern Rider some day.
  • Shamir - Bow Knight rox
    • Classes: She'll start as a Sniper so will probably need time as a Cav somehow.
    • Goals: Riding for Bow Knight (needs A) (hey let's go for A+ to get the Movement)
  • Sylvain - Dark Knight, but this time make sure to master Mage along the way for Fiendish Blow (plus maybe some Mag growth along the way).
    • Classes: Soldier (mastery for Def +2) -> Brigand (mastery for Death Blow optional) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Paladin (mastery for Aegis) -> Dark Knight
    • Goals: Reason and Faith to boost spell access and maybe get Reason A+ benefits.

Support Rank Goals

  • Rael (M!Byleth) and Petra
  • Dimitri and Mercedes
  • Annette and Ashe
  • Ingrid and Ignatz
  • Felix and Sylvain
  • Hilda and Seteth
  • Dedue and Shamir


NG+ run, Golden Deer "Ellie"

Squad Goals

  • Ellie (Byleth) - Falcon Knight. And maybe or maybe not bother with unlocking the Talent.
    • Requirements - Pegasus Knight: Lance at C, Flying at D. Falcon Knight: Sword at C, Lance at A, Flying at B+.
    • Faculty Training in Lance comes from Jeralt, Gilbert, Seteth, and Shamir.
  • Catherine - Our only other sword-user at the moment, and she comes with her own Relic weapon. Future plans...?
    • Possibly Falcon Knight like Ellie. Lance C and Flying D to get her airborne to start.
  • Claude - Wyvern Lord-or-whatever. Will need to make sure Authority stays up. Don't aim for horses, aim for Wyverns.
    • Requirements - Wyvern Rider: Axe at B, Flying at C. Wyvern Lord: Lance at C, Axe at A, Flying at A.
    • He eventually ends up Wyvern Master -> Barbarossa, which is a flying sniper-from-hell anyway. DANG.
    • Talent is in Axe, which we'll need for the Wyvern stuff anyway.
  • Dorothea - Another Gremory, I guess? We got her, after all.
  • Flayn - She's the easiest pick for Dancer but also the skeeviest so... meh.
    • We got Mercedes so Flayn can just be a PegKnight, baby Hilda as it were.
  • Hilda - Wyvern Lord.
    • Requirements - Wyvern stuff, see Claude.
  • Ignatz - Bow Knight by way of Sniper. There's no other choice.
    • Maybe unlock his Reason hidden Talent, maybe.
    • Requirements - Bow Knight: Lance at C, Bow and Riding at A.
  • Leonie - Bow Knight. See above req's.
  • Lorenz - Dark Mage, then eventually Dark Knight.
    • Requirements - Dark Knight: Lance at C, Reason at B+, Riding at A.
    • Make sure we get enough Lance (C+) to unlock Frozen Lance (Combat Art).
  • Lysithea - Gremory. Totally.
    • Requirements - Gremory: Reason and Faith at A.
    • Lorenz's Paralogue mission might get us Thyrsus, a range-buffing item for Lysithea? Guess we're doing that, yeah, holycrap.
      • Magic range +2, and "chance" to halve incoming damage. WELL THEN.
  • Marianne - Holy Knight.
    • There's no such thing as a flying mage w/o the DLC, so she stays grounded. Guess she's becoming this run's Ferdie.
      • Especially since her Hidden Talent in Lance unlocks Frozen Lance so yeah, I think we have a winner.
    • Requirements - Holy Knight: Lance at B, Faith at B+, Riding at A.
  • Mercedes - Dancer is the goal, need to make sure CHA is up enough. In the meantime, Gremory is the side-goal.
    • Also S level support, obvs.
  • Raphael - Grappler then War Master, almost assuredly.
    • If Grappler then War Master, with Authority at B, give him the Leicester Mercs.
    • Requirements - Brawler: Unarmed at C rank. Grappler: Unarmed at A rank. War Master: Axe and Unarmed both at A rank.
  • Shamir - Starts as a Sniper, not sure what to do with her just yet. Bow Knight, probably. She just needs Riding at A, she already has the other two req's.
    • Or Falcon Knight w/ a bow, which is a thing you can do, well then.
  • Sylvain - Our other Dark Knight (see Lorenz).


  • Manuela - Chapter 8 or later, Ellie needs to be lvl 15+. Still want her for Warp and Levin Sword and such, off-healer while Mercedes dances around?
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