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Sword & Board, going to try the trinity of One Handed, Block, and Heavy Armor to really tank this up. Maybe this is the run when we learn how to actually block? Also Smithing because yeah, making & refining gear is important. Ignore the typed-weapon perks, they're a waste of points (unless we get really bored in late-game, provided we keep at it that long).


Sneak Archer, because you can't not have one of these. We're very loosely following this guide.


Pure caster, have never made it very far with one of these so let's try. Kinda-sorta following this guide for the time being.

  • Gear
    • ... do we do anything with gear? The guide doesn't say.
  • General Guidelines
    • Stat Spread: 3/1/0 (we're not wearing armor so who needs stamina when you have no encumberance other than the occasional dragon's bones?)
    • Conjuration magic: We want the biggest summons we can get, and eventually we want Twin Souls perk (top of the tree) so we can have dual summons.
    • Destruction magic: Load 'em up.
    • Alteration magic: Resistances are rather important. We want the Atronach perk for magic absorption, as well as Stability to make Alteration spells last longer, not to mention all the levels of Mage Armor we can get.
    • Restoration magic: Not our top priority but not something to ignore either.
  • Current Projects
    • How's our farm in this game?
    • College of Winterhold, ahoy?


Spellsword, something fun to try (sword in one hand, magic in the other), again loosely adapted from this guide. We're going to do our own smithing, though, which the linked guide doesn't talk about at all. (It recommends cheesing an advanced Light Armor set, a project in which I'm wholly uninterested.)

  • Gear
    • Body: Light - Leather Scout Armor - AR 36, WT 6
    • Head: Light - Leather Scout Helmet (Fine) - AR 19, WT 2
    • Hands: Light - Leather Scout Gauntlets - AR 11, WT 2
    • Feet: Light - Imperial Light Boots (Fine) - AR 10, WT 2
    • Sword: Imperial Sword (Fine) - DMG 13, WT 10
  • General Guidelineas
    • Stat Spread: 2/2/1 (as close to balanced as we can get, but Stamina's a lower priority because the Respite buff from the Restoration tree will let heal spells restore Stamina as well)
    • Illusion magic: A grab-bag of utility and combat spells, such as Muffle (Apprentice) & Invisibility (Expert) for sneaking around plus Fury (Novice)/Frenzy (Adept)/Mayhem (Master) for causing general chaos among critters of varying level limits (6, 14, and 25 respectively). Perk selections include Quiet Casting (a must) and things which boost the Fury family of spells.
    • Destruction magic: Avoid the dual-cast perks, and lean toward fire.
    • Restoration magic: Again avoiding dual-cast perks, along with the "unlock" perks we want to grab Regeneration, Respite, Recovery, and (eventually) Necromage.
    • Sneak tree: Fairly straightforward list... Stealth, Muffled Movement, Backstab, Light Foot, and Silent Roll for the lulz.
    • One-Handed tree: Armsman and Bladesman (yeah, we're sticking with sword, the guide makes a compelling case for this), we'll consider the "power attack" buffs when the time comes.
    • Light Armor tree: Obvious choices, really. Custom Fit, Unhindered, and so on.
  • Current Projects
    • Get farm up & running (and maybe furnished).
    • Meridia's quest chain going because the reward from that is Dawnbreaker, the sword we really want. (UESP's suggested level is 24, with a minimum requirement of 12. Let's... put a pin in that.)
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