Active Games - PC

(As distinct from the Mobile Games stuff, which... maybe we should look into merging into this group instead? Not sure how or if, yet.)

There's a lot to track in Satisfactory, as it turns out.

We're playing Honkai Star Rail (mostly on the tablet but sometimes on the PC) and some character build stuff needs tracking.

Active Games - Switch

And now Fire Emblem Engage is here to make character progression much more complicated. It's fun! (Right?)

The ever-growing list of Fire Emblem: Three Houses notes continues, as more ridiculous themed runs are played through.

Active Games - Mobile

See: Mobile Gaming


I'm either playing actively or it's in the...


Haven't touched Warframe in a while, not sure when/if we'll get back to it.

I switched (ha ha) to playing Stardew Valley on the Switch now, let's track crops & stuff for if we pick that back up at some point.

I made some build notes for Torchlight 3 but I wandered off from that game due to lack of mental bandwidth and generally feeling "meh" about the whole game.

Started on Genshin Impact, but gave up.

We're not subbed to FFXIV anymore, so.

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