Character Build Stuff


  • Current Needs: some more Crit Rate, but we can't sacrifice SPD because he's literally at the breakpoint. So, either Champion footwear with a Crit Rate substat (currently no crit at all on those) or hand slot with Crit Rate and SPD (currently has 2 SPD and we cannot lose that).
  • Also Traces. Everyone needs more Traces.

Black Swan

Sorry, Sampo, but the new hotness is in town. (She stole your LC.)

  • Current Needs: Prisoner relics (Feet w/ SPD, head & hands with any EHR/SPD/ATK% we can get, we already have a great Body piece). Ascension mats. And, you know, Traces.


  • Current Needs: Traces. His Relics are set, he's got the stats he needs. His 4-star cone (Nowhere to Run) could use superimposition but that'll happen when/if it happens.


  • She's a support toon. She needs speed and survivability more than anything. Finish leveling up relics & cone, and load up Traces.

Dr. Ratio

  • Current Needs: more Crit Rate as well, ideally through finding Wastelander's footwear with a Crit Rate substat (currently none of that there). Also cannot lose SPD, we're just past breakpoint.
  • Also Traces, because yeah, traces.


  • Relic Set: Passerby of Wandering Cloud but should probably do a 2-and-2 hybrid with Messenger Traversing Hackerspace because the 1 skill point at start of battle 4pc buff of Passerby doesn't make up for the lost ATK%. We need Effect RES and to not drop below 120 SPD, and since he scales off ATK that's the "main stat" once we have enough of the others.
  • Light Cone: We want something like Echoes of the Coffin or, failing that perfect option, Time Waits for No One. What we have is Perfect Timing for the Effect RES boost (why not make him mez-proof, since that adds onto one of his traces?) but it's only 60 and needs some love.


  • Traces. Boy is she short on traces.


  • Basically done unless something really amazing comes along. Relics and Planetary are locked in, all max-level, she has speed for days, etc. Could use a few more Traces levels, obviously.

Silver Wolf

  • All set except for Traces, because everybody needs gorram traces.


  • Nearly finished. Just needs one more Trace max'd out. Rock solid performer for a four-star "low tier rating" unit.
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