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eSthetix Notes

  • Primary color slot: 232 / 0 / 0.33 and 256 / 1 / 0.69 (gray and purple)

Projects In Progress


Everything going forward requires aluminum production. All Bauxite is way high up. Gotta find a node I can work with, and transport the materials down to water level to be turned into useful things.

Except now that the Bauxite is down to water level I realize I need four different things to make Aluminum Ingots, two of which are nowhere nearby. It takes:

  • Bauxite
  • Water
  • Silica (from Quartz)
  • Coal (from whatever source of Coal we prefer)

Just figuring out where to do this is driving me batty.

Update: I think the plan goes something like:

  1. Finish Northern Oilpower Plant Number One DONE
  2. Tear Down Coalpower Site DONE
  3. Build Rail Line To Transport Bauxite To Coal Inlet DONE
  4. Build Aluminum Works At Coal Inlet

Worth noting that we have two freight cars (32 slots of 100 each for 6200 total Bauxite) showing up every four minutes or so (it's about a two-minute trip each way). Hopefully that's enough, as expanding the rail line will be non-trivial at this point.

Ironworks Rebuild (Again)

We have a spreadsheet this time. We know exactly how many Smelters, Constructors, and Assemblers it takes to use up three pure Iron nodes' worth of raw material.

  • Smelters: DONE
  • Iron Plate Constructors: DONE
  • Clearing Storage Bins Out: DONE
  • Screws and Rods: DONE
  • Assemblers (RIPs, Rotors, ModFrames): DONE
  • Collect Overflow: NEEDED
  • Balance Ingot Flow: GOOD IDEA


Color Notes

We have 16 presets to work with

  • Row 1 Col 1 - 0 0 0.2 / 120 1 0.5 (Gray / Green) = Default slot, that's our "all buildings unless specified otherwise" option.
  • Row 1 Col 2 - 211 0.77 0.65 / 36 0.64 0.34 (Pale Blue / Brown) = Blue Site building (next to Hub, HMF and/or Computer site).
  • Row 1 Col 3 - 11 0.91 0.8 / 234 0.2 0.38 (Orange / Gray) = Unused, I think it's our "backup" of the default scheme.
  • Row 1 Col 4 - 147 0.6 0.25 / 0 0 0.2 (Olive Drab / Gray) = Motorworx Site building.
  • Row 2 Col 1 - 221 0.08 0.81 / 232 0.57 0.26 (White / Gray) = White Site building (Ironworx next to Hub).
  • Row 3 Col 1 - 239 1 0.87 / 0 0 0 (Blue / Black) = Hyper Tube entry/exit coloring.
  • Row 4 Col 1 - 36 1 0.7 / 232 0.58 0.07 (Gold / Gray) = Concrete works (for now) coloring.


Age Of Rail

A train station needs 5 foundations (centered on one platform for the rail line, two foundations on each side to accommodate the entire thing) and probably/ideally two more foundations on the "business" side for loading/unloading. An engine & three cars train needs just over 8 foundations' worth of length before accounting for the ingress/egress curves.


Future To-Do List

These are in rough priority order:

Storage Site near Space Elevator

Big bins with lots of conveyors pointed at, making sure we can get our body in and out as well as route conveyor belts. The shell of the building exists (it's over by the Caterium node) but until Smart Splitters are available there's no way for the logistics to pan out, since cramming a dozen or more individual-product conveyor belts into the building is a non-starter.

QUESTION Should we make sure there's an Awesome Sink somewhere in this process? Or will we need Programmable Splitters to actually make the storage site even work? There might be overflow and/or clogging issues.


Completed Projects Of Note

Jet Fuel

To do the trains, we need to be airborne. To be airborne, we need Packaged Fuel for the jetpack. The general plan is to utilize our remaining "normal" Oil node thus:

  1. (1) Oil Extractor - 15 Motors, 20 E.I.B.s, 60 Cables
  2. (4) Refineries making Plastic - 40 Motors, 40 E.I.B.s, 120 Steel Pipes, 80 Copper Sheets
  3. (1) Refinery turning Residue into Fuel - 10 Motors, 10 E.I.B.s, 30 Steel Pipes, 20 Copper Sheets
  4. (1) Constructor turning Plastic into Empty Canisters - 2 R.I.P.s, 8 Cables
  5. (1) Packager putting Fuel into Empty Canisters - 20 Steel Beams, 10 Rubber, 10 Plastic

Plus various belts and pipes and at least one Smart Splitter so we can deal with overflow issues once production outstrips demand. (Eventually we'll want to use trains to transport Packaged Fuel to the big storage depot(s), but that's some way off yet.).


Is basically over for me. I'm just making snowballs directly from the presents coming out of the gift tree, cheap explosives. I have too many other things to focus on to keep at it, at this point.

R.I.P. Site

Here's what that takes:

  1. (1) Mk1 miner - Mk2 belt to the smelters only, Mk1 belts are fine afterward
  2. (4) Smelters - fed by two pair of split belts, output paired to one belt for the Iron Plates assembly line, the other for the Iron Rods-to-Screws assembly line
  3. (3) Constructors making Iron Plates - fed by the one ingots belt split three ways, feeds into one combiner then into a two-way split
  4. (2) Constructors making Iron Rods - these are fed off of the aforementioned post-Smelter splitters
  5. (3) Constructors making Screws out of the Iron Rods - two belts to one high-cap belt split back out to three belts makes this reasonably load-balanced enough for our purposes
  6. (2) Assemblers making Reinforced Iron Plates - the Iron Plates and Screws come from a pair of belts leading from the preceding mess of equipment

The whole shebang eats up 83MW of power.

Here's the Production Planner layout.;pure

We're doing 2-to-1-to-3 and similar shenanigans to load-balance the belts, rather different from Satis-Calc's arcane setup.


Build Tricks

Mall-style Escalators

  1. Put the foundation one below your target floor foundation level
  2. Put conveyor poles in place (placement would vary according to room height and angle preference)
  3. Hide the conveyor poles with walkways leveling with your actual floor
  4. Finally attach the belt between conveyor poles

Idea and implementation result video here:

Tech Tips


In the tilde console:

 r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing 0

FPS display

Also in the tilde console:

 stat fps
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