Projects In Progress

Oil Power

We unlocked Fuel Generators. It's just a matter of Doing The Thing. Basically this thing in particular:

Note that I intend to place the Awesome Sink closer to the Refineries, because running a Mk3 belt down the whole length of that mess of pipe seems ridiculous just for the sake of making everything fit within the box. I can have a small box off to the "right side" of that build for setting up a Smart Splitter and taking care of sinking duties. That way we can shove some Resin into storage or whatever, then overflow everything else into the Sink.

We're literally just waiting for the Computers and the better ModFrames at this point. The platform's built & powered, Oil Extractor placed and pipeline is ready.

Hard Drive Collection

NOTE There are two Hard Drives in the vicinity of the Oilfield, no requirements. Grab those, eh?

The main problem with the one to the SW of the current oil plant is that there are Alpha-level critters to deal with and we can't turn-and-fight worth a damn. Might try building platform out from the oil power site to snipe from above or something.

Immediate To-Do List

These are in rough priority order:

Storage Site near Space Elevator (the logical place for it, yeah?)

Big bins with lots of conveyors pointed at, making sure we can get our body in and out as well as route conveyor belts. The shell of the building exists (it's over by the Caterium node) but until Smart Splitters are available there's no way for the logistics to pan out, since cramming a dozen or more individual-product conveyor belts into the building is a non-starter.

QUESTION Should we make sure there's an Awesome Sink somewhere in this process? Or will we need Programmable Splitters to actually make the storage site even work? There might be overflow and/or clogging issues.

Caterium (Mo' Betta Splitta')

The mine is in place and it's producing ingots into a Mk1 bin. Next goal is to get those ingots over to somewhere useful and/or set up Quickwire production because that's needed for a bunch of the following unlocks.

We got the Smart Splitters... and the Blade Runners and Mk2 Power Poles. And the worrying knowledge that Caterium is the new Copper. We're going to need so much Quickwire. The little facility we started up is barely a real start, we need to expand that out. Probably just build out at the mini-mesa as-is, honestly.

The MAM Caterium research chain also get us to Programmable Splitters but there's plastics work needed for that, so we'll be keeping this project in active rotation even after Smart Splitters are available.

Space Elevator Phase 3

  • 2500 Versatile Framework
  • 500 Modular Engine
  • 100 Adaptive Control Unit

I mean, chump change really, innit.

Copper Processing At Coalfields

Replicate the Copperworks that's at the Hub site over at the Coalfields. Just build all over that rockpile where the copper node lives.

Completed Projects Worth Keeping Notes For

Oilfield Build - Plastic & Rubber

We have a Hyper Tube down to the site and foundations over to the island. Now it's a matter of bringing enough stuff to build everything (extractors, power plant, plastics manufacturing, whatever-else). We should absolutely make sure we have an Awesome sink for waste products.

We need motors to get the oil extractors, get on that?

Also, Refineries: Crude Oil becomes Plastic and Heavy Oil Residue. Send the Heavy Oil Residue to another Refinery to get Petroleum Coke, the overflow of which needs to go to the Awesome Sink to prevent shutting down the whole shebang due to backup. The H.O.R. comes out of the Plastic refinery at 1/4 of what the Petroleum Coke refinery can handle. Which suggests feeding 4 Plastic refineries and 1 Petroleum Coke refinery, and make sure both sets of pipelines have overflow into an Awesome Sink. Since 4 Plastic refineries can take all of what normal oil node can produce, we'll dedicate that node to the Plastic stuff.

This hasn't even touched on power generation yet, mind you. Which we'll do off of the pure oil site. 4 Fuel refineries can take all 240 of that and spit out 160/min of Fuel which will support just north of 10 Fuel Generators, which is plenty, thank you. Also, 120/min of Polymer Resin which...?

(On the downside, the stuff we need to build Fuel Generators comes from... Plastic-derived things. So I guess Plastic production comes first. Sigh. Also Rubber, somehow. Maybe diverting some Plastic production to that, since Rubber and Plastic take the same amount of source Crude.)

OK, the 4 Refineries to Plastic & Rubber plan looks something like this: but it generates so much Heavy Oil Residue that we need two Refineries making Petroleum Coke.

We're assembling a shopping list in Excel...

Steelworks Done Proper

We have a very rudimentary (aka crappy) steel production site and now we need to do it up right. What do we need, building-wise, to get the mats needed for the Space Elevator milestone hurdle?

The far two coal nodes (normal) are feeding a big-storage atop the cliff near the proposed steelworks site. Now it's just a matter of splitting off the iron.

Turns out we only need Steel Beams for Mk3 belts and Encased Beams (w/ Concrete), everything else is Steel Pipes based. So... production & storage of:

  • Steel Beams (store some on their own for beltlaying)
  • Steel Pipes (store some, send most over to the Hub area for various needs)
  • Encased Beams (Steel Beams + Concrete)


Is basically over for me. I'm just making snowballs directly from the presents coming out of the gift tree, cheap explosives. I have too many other things to focus on to keep at it, at this point.

Copper Re-Org

Our original copper site was a mess. It was one Smelter and three Constructors just plunked down willy-nilly on the ground, going into too few of storage bins.

It is now a Mk2 Miner going to 8 Smelters and out to one Mk2 belt across to the doubled-in-size Ironworks block to become all kinds of copper-based things, especially Cables. Also, there are two Smart Splitters, one takes overflow from 1/4 of the Smelters and throws it into a BigStorage, the other takes overflow from another 1/4 of the Smelters and throws it into an Awesome Sink for tix.

Motor City

The "overflow" of Copper Ingot going into a BigStorage is actually then going into another Constructor of Wires that then gets sent up to the Rotor works, which is now the Motor works. Also, Steel Pipes from the steel site are making it over there as well, in part thanks to a Smart Splitter that only lets the Steel Pipes proceed (the Steel Beams are re-routed... back to the same storage bin, sigh).

Materials Transport to Hub Site

We have a belt going from Coalfields to Hub Site using the Hyper Tube's support structures (mostly). It's not pretty but it will do.

Coal Power - Version Two

Make a big set of foundations, get some more coal powerplants arranged on it, pipe some water over there, and let's crank up the grid.

Generally speaking, 3 water extractors can feed 8 coal plants. A row of three water extractors joining one common length of pipe so that pressure is "maintained" throughout the length of coal-plant-feeding piping, one at each end plus one in the middle to "mid-fill" the pressure requirements. Note the need for pumps somewhere along the way (close-ish to the elevation bend) for each source pipe to get the lift needed to feed the plants.

A coal plant is a skosh more than 3 foundations long... and is a bit wider than 1 foundation. How convenient of them.

Reinforced Iron Plates at Iron Node 3 - 10 parts per minute

Here's what that takes:

  1. (1) Mk1 miner - Mk2 belt to the smelters only, Mk1 belts are fine afterward
  2. (4) Smelters - fed by two pair of split belts, output paired to one belt for the Iron Plates assembly line, the other for the Iron Rods-to-Screws assembly line
  3. (3) Constructors making Iron Plates - fed by the one ingots belt split three ways, feeds into one combiner then into a two-way split
  4. (2) Constructors making Iron Rods - these are fed off of the aforementioned post-Smelter splitters
  5. (3) Constructors making Screws out of the Iron Rods - two belts to one high-cap belt split back out to three belts makes this reasonably load-balanced enough for our purposes
  6. (2) Assemblers making Reinforced Iron Plates - the Iron Plates and Screws come from a pair of belts leading from the preceding mess of equipment

The whole shebang eats up 83MW of power.

Here's the Production Planner layout.;pure

We're doing 2-to-1-to-3 and similar shenanigans to load-balance the belts, rather different from Satis-Calc's arcane setup.

Random Notes

Color preset for gray/green: 0 / 0 / 0.22 and 117 / 1 / 0.57 (maybe we tweak those?)