Let's make note of some things.


  • Rhino P is obviously a keeper.
  • Nekros P is situational.
  • Ivara P (w/ Dread bow) is our stealth (Spy mission) champion, needs leveling so we can retire normal!Ivara.
  • Vauban is the Excavation & possibly Defense master with his little zot rollers and the Suck Grenade.
  • Garuda's... weird? Melee-ish?
  • Octavia is the rhythm nation. Nice one-two combo with the enemy-seeking rollerball (2) and the AOE damage (1) that stick together if cast close enough.
    • Looking forward to the music ball. Maybe.


  • Amprex - Zot gun, chain lightning + exploding corpses with the right mods. Keeper, probably getting at least one Forma.
  • Arca Plasmor - Super shotgun, base damage is radiation (derezzes opponents), ridiculously powerful. Definite keeper, Forma this.
  • Dread - Best bow is best.
  • Aksomati Prime (sidearm) is a pair of Uzis, basically. Great paired with Amprex which is shorter-ranged.

Lex Prime may not be a weapon we want, but if we want to level it we need L relics cracked for Barrel and Receiver.

Combined Damage Types

  • Blast = Heat + Cold
  • Corrosive = Elec + Toxin
  • Gas = Heat + Toxin
  • Magnetic = Cold + Elec
  • Radiation = Heat + Elec
  • Viral = Cold + Toxin


Cryotic means Excavations. Tikal on Earth seems fine, Vauban's self-propelled rolling traps are a BIG help.

Argon Crystal means running missions in the Void though. Hooboy. Gonna need some unlocks.

Ayatan Treasures

  • Fill them while in inventory (for some reason Ayatan Treasures is in the Mods menu), then place in Orbiter or sell for Endo.


  • Arbiters of Hexis needs a Tipedo Prime Handle


We're in The War Within, currently at the "asteroid field" stage. Hey, have a walkthrough: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_War_Within

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