We're barely a few chapters into our first play-through, so tracking who has (or should have) which Emblem Ring is probably our first priority, followed by some kind of idea of their intended class progression.

Zen and the Art of Playing A New FE Game

Our Alear is a boy named Zen (he has partly red hair, as a nod to Shiroyuki). Oh, and the dog-blob-thing is named Obi. Because why not commit to the bit?

Main 10 Characters

  • Zen - Divine Dragon (Sword A, Arts B) Dragon type.
  • Alfred - Avenir (Mounted, Lance A, Sword B) Cavalry type.
  • Etie - Archer (Bow B) Covert type.
  • Boucheron - Axe Armor (Axe B) Armored type.
  • Celine - Vidame (Sword B/Tome A/Staff B) Mystical type.
  • Chloe - Griffin Knight (Lance S/Staff C) Flying type.
  • Jean - Martial Master (Staff A/Arts S) Qi Adept type.
  • Yunaka - Wolf Knight (Axe B, Knife S) Cavalry type.
  • Ivy - Wing Tamer (Dragon & Flying, Tome B, Staff B) Flying type.
  • Diamant - Successeur (Sword S, Axe A) Backup type.

Potential Mains

  • Kagetsu - Swordmaster (Sword S) Backup type.
  • Alcryst - Lord (Bow B) Covert type.

Second String

  • Louis - Lance Armor (Lance B) Armored type.
  • Citrinne - Mage (Magic B) Mystical type.


  • Lyn - Bow prof, then Sword prof. Very archer-y.
  • Lucina - Sword prof, then Bow prof. Bow skills abound as well as +Dex. Parthia at Bond 10.
  • Tiki - Art prof, lots of HP/Lck boost. Geosphere/Lifesphere/Lightsphere.
  • 3 Lords - Axe prof, then Lance prof, then Bow prof. Str/Dex skills.

Unavailable Emblems

  • Marth - Sword prof.
  • Celica - Magic prof, and later Sword prof.
  • Sigurd - Lance prof, and later Sword prof.
  • Micaiah - Staff prof, then Knife prof, then Magic prof.
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