Ofnir for Frigg

I got the awaken-able Scion, and she needs big Ofnir runes.

  • Asuka
  • Thrud
  • Urd 4 healzorz
  • Sara (can Counterattack to herself)
  • Gardinia (applies Counterattack to front two toons, this is the game-winner)

These aren't even geared yet, just using what's in Slot 1, and we're getting through with time to spare. Fafnir Helms may be useful but speeding up Gardinia is better (her counter > Faf Helm counter), as is ATK gear on the front-liners (counter is based off of raw ATK stat). for some guidance.

Boelthor for Materia

If Materia (now that we have her) ever gets Awakened in Global, we'll need Boelthor big runes. And that gives us something to grind tickets on.

Note that, as per Garm ( ) we shouldn't try attacking the back row. "Back crystals are invincible, attacking them is suicide." Aesir are not a good idea, Human frontmost hero will get Fear'd by the crystals. Non-human non-Aesir Light tank who?

Build for DEF, as ATK is much more prevalent than MATK from Boelthor & the crystals.

  • Tank option A.Mecha-Rin - Therian, Melee, Light ATK near-row
  • Assassin Sasha - Human, Melee, Action skill does front row Light ATK
  • Healz option Monk Lu Ling - Human, Magic, front row Light/Dark MATK (hey, some light is better than no light)
  • Tamamo - Therian, Ranged, Light MATK targets 3 front enemies
  • Esquire - Elf, Ranged, Light MATK

This team clears 6*-solo with about 3:10 left on the clock fairly reliably.

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