Three Houses Brats

The Cool Kids

  • Brave Claude (the flying archer version) - Heckuva guy. Not SS-class, but a solid S. Needs more levels, etc.
  • Brave Lysithea - Needs work, not yet max'd out.
    • We have regular Lysithea at 40, and she's no slouch, however the Brave version is just a skosh better.
  • Summer Byleth (plus Rhea) - Standout toon, at 40 already, not sure what else needs doing.
  • Summer Ingrid is a dingdang beast. At 40, keeps on keeping on.
  • Sothis ("Girl on the Throne") is no slouch. Needs more levels, etc.

The Mid Tier Roster

  • Annette - Okay, I guess? For some reason the green axe toons in FEH that come from 3H are all middling.
  • Edelgard ("The Future") - Got her from whatever game mode results in a "blue star" hero, so she's a bit weird right out of the gate. Middling green axe toon.
  • Hilda (regular edition) - Not bad, not superb, but reasonably solid. Again: Middling green axe toon.
  • Summer Sylvain - Finally not a green axe user... he's a green caster instead, but still middling.

The Not-So-Greats

  • Summer Doro - You're a pretty dancer but that's about what you have going on.
    • Doesn't stop you from being our rep toon, mind you. It's a good look!
  • Sorry, Ferdy. You're still not as cool as (Summer) Sylvain.
  • Hubert - You suck, dude.
  • Seteth - Weaksauce, man.

Fine, Other FE Titles Exist, I Guess, Whatever

Heroes Of Note

  • Brave Camilla ("Light of Nohr") - Flying healer, only bested in tier levels by Veronica among our roster of healers.
  • Brave Ike - A rare example of a top-tier green axe user.
  • Brave Lyn - Mounted archer, solid choice if flying Claude isn't a good pick for whatever reason.
  • Peony - Flying blue-caster Dancer, not god-tier but seriously solid nonetheless.
  • Reginn - The star of a new story chapter, mechanized hyper-mobility badass.
  • Veronica - Top-tier mounted heal/support

Mid-Tier Utility Players

  • Eir ("Merciful Death") - Flying dagger-thrower.
  • Fluorspar - She's... okay? Mounted blue caster with a buff ability.

Hello Fodder

  • Arthur (Green Axe 3-star) - Inherit the Swap "utility" skill
  • Cain (Red Sword 4-star) - Inherit Wings of Mercy 3 passive B skill
  • Camilla (Green Axe 4-star-plus) - Inherit Savage Blow 3
  • Cath (Green Dagger 4-star) - Inherit Reposition utility skill
  • Chrom (Red Sword 5-star) - Inherit Aether cooldown skill
  • Dieck (Green Axe 5-star) - Inherit Null Follow-Up passive B skill
  • Galzus (Red Sword 5-star) - Inherit Rein Sword+, Surge Sparrow, and Null Follow-Up 3 as options
  • Leo (Red Tome 5-star) - Inherit Quick Riposte passive B skill (guarantees follow-up as long as HP isn't too low)
  • Lex (Green Axe 4-star) - Inherit Reposition utility skill
  • Luthier (Green Tome 4-star) - Inherit Swift Sparrow 2 passive A skill (Atk/Spd +4) after making him a 5-star unit.
  • Merlinus (Grey Star 4-star) - Inherit Reposition utility skill and, if you 5-star him up, the Distant Guard 1/2/3 passive C skill
  • Nowi (Blue Dragon 5-star) - Inherit Lightning Breath+ attack skill which grants Counterattack. (Can only be inherited by other manakete-ish toons, but still!)
  • Olwen (Green Tome 5-star) - Inherit Swift Sparrow 2 passive A skill (Atk/Spd +4)
  • Roy "Brave Lion" (Red Sword 5-star) - Inherit Galeforce cooldown skill (aw yeah) and possibly Darting Blow/Steady Blow 1 & 2 passive A skill set (depending, since you can only pick 4 items, you may burn three of those four just getting to Galeforce)
  • Silas (Blue Spear 4-star) - Inherit Reposition utility skill and also the Steady Stance 1/2/3 passive A skill (+Def on enemy phase)

Keep an eye out for regular Lyn (Red Sword) and regular Cordelia (Blue Lance) because they have Galeforce which is awesome. We also actually want to see Klein (gray shooter) for their fodder potential.

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