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Three Houses Brats

The Cool Kids

  • Brave Claude (the flying archer version) - Heckuva guy. Not SS-class, but a solid S. Needs more levels, etc.
  • Brave Lysithea - Needs work, not yet max'd out.
    • We have regular Lysithea at 40, and she's no slouch, however the Brave version is just a skosh better.
  • Fallen Edelgard (aka "Hege!E") - An absolute (literal) monster. Built for Galeforce, can knock down 3/4 of an opposing team given the right circumstanes... in a single turn. Build Guide
  • Summer Byleth (plus Rhea) - Standout toon, at 40 already, not sure what else needs doing. Build Guide
  • Summer Hilda (plus Marianne) - Flying healer with some nice buff & debuff action, plus neutralizing some negative effects. Bonus, a "no counterattack" B-slot skill. Build Guide
  • Summer Ingrid is a dingdang beast. At 40, keeps on keeping on.
  • Sothis ("Girl on the Throne") is no slouch. Needs more levels, etc.

The Mid Tier Roster

  • Annette - Okay, I guess? For some reason the green axe toons in FEH that come from 3H are all middling.
  • Edelgard ("The Future") - Got her from whatever game mode results in a "blue star" hero, so she's a bit weird right out of the gate. Middling green axe toon.
  • Hilda (regular edition) - Not bad, not superb, but reasonably solid. Again: Middling green axe toon.
  • Summer Sylvain - Finally not a green axe user... he's a green caster instead, but still middling.

The Not-So-Greats

  • Summer Doro - You're a pretty dancer but that's about what you have going on.
    • Doesn't stop you from being our rep toon, mind you. It's a good look!
  • Sorry, Ferdy. You're still not as cool as (Summer) Sylvain.
  • Hubert - You suck, dude.
  • Seteth - Weaksauce, man.

Fine, Other FE Titles Exist, I Guess, Whatever

Heroes Of Note

  • Brave Camilla ("Light of Nohr") - Flying healer, only bested in tier levels by Veronica among our roster of healers.
  • Brave Ike - A rare example of a top-tier green axe user.
  • Brave Lyn - Mounted archer, solid choice if flying Claude isn't a good pick for whatever reason.
  • Peony - Flying caster Dancer, not god-tier but seriously solid nonetheless. Build Guide
  • Plumeria - S-ranked flying Dancer. Build Guide
  • Reginn - The star of a new story chapter, mechanized hyper-mobility badass.
  • Veronica - Top-tier mounted heal/support

Mid-Tier Utility Players

  • Eir ("Merciful Death") - Flying dagger-thrower.
  • Fluorspar - She's... okay? Mounted blue caster with a buff ability.
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