Donut tutorial notes:

Toggle on texture painting, and hey, the torus already has the UV unwrap built-in.

  • Need a new "image" on the right side, and Because Reasons we're going to make it 2x1.
  • In this case, 2048px by 1024 px. (or just put a *2 after the 1024, it'll do math.)
  • The mesh being purple indicates the image and the mesh aren't sync'd.
    • The material tab, then we turn on an image node in Shading's node editor.
    • Shift+A to add a node, Texture -> Image Texture. (Ah, the blocks ARE the nodes.)
      • Bind color to base color.
      • Select the texture file we just made (and SAVED, YEAH?) and boom.
  • Image texture files are separate from the blender datafile! Save both!
  • On the image texture side, N to set a color, make it donut-y.
  • X key flips palette color options, so we have a primary of white w/ donut-y swap.
  • Can paint on either the flat texture file or the mesh.
  • But hey, let's use a Texture Mask (not just Texture) instead.
  • Brush, Brush Mask Texture, Clouds.
  • Change strength value on the left panel to taste.
  • Set the Mask Mapping under Texture Mask to Random to make it not look so... blocky.
  • can also change size of the cloud.
  • Paint a bit of the donut color on the "dark" parts of the donut for better realism.
    • Change the white to black and change the Brush's Blend to Overlay.
    • Basically that'll just... darken... the donut-colored bits you paint on.
    • Don't entirely neglect the inner core, where the icing won't be.
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