F is the hotkey to change the brush size.

  • By default, X symmetry is ON. (Which I want for the duck project, but not for the donut.)
  • Clicking pulls stuff OUT of the mesh, Ctrl+LeftMouse pushes IN, instead.
    • So the default behavior is good for our duck, the Ctrl behavior is good for the donut.
  • Not enough mesh detail? In Object mode, add another Subsurface Modifier and Apply
    • Make sure the Viewport value is high enough, that's what gets applied for some reason.

Unhide the mesh on the icing before applying the modifiers, THEN do the sculpting.

  • Crank up the subsurface on the icing to like 3 before applying. LOTS o' vertices.
  • Inflate brush will blob up the icing nicely.
  • Where gravity would build up icing, inflate a bit.
  • Do some Grab brush along the inner part of the icing to make it a teeny bit gloopy, at least making it less perfectly-circular.
  • Do some Draw brush along the very top, at .2 strength, to add some random goopy-ness.
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