Rendered mode, first.

  • Engine is Eevee by default, a quickie render engine.
  • Cycles is the GPU/CPU-capable render engine.
    • Preferences / System shows the render devices available.
  • F12 is quick render.
  • Samples: Viewport gets lower samples for speed.
    • Render samples are higher to reduce noise, but there are limits.
    • Denoisers?
    • Layer panel, Denoising Data.
    • Then in the Compositing view, Shift+A to add in Denoise module.
      • Check "Use nodes" in top left corner (in compositor) and it will show up if the Composition view is "empty" after a render.
    • Take output of "Noisy Image" and tie it to the Denoise module at Image.
    • Then Normal to Normal, Albedo to Albedo, then Image output to Image over at Composite.
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