Tutorial Notes

Having created a plane and moved the light around, etc, next is materials for the plane. I mean, everything's getting a new material. Icing, for instance.

  • Base color: Self-explanatory. Doesn't affect reflected colors, presumably?
  • Roughness: How reflective/shiny is it? (Don't touch Specular options.)
    • .34-ish, for icing, maybe.
  • Normal: Requires stuff we don't have knowledge for yet, leave alone.
  • Subsurface: Good for foods and skin, dial it up a bit.
    • Also, the Subsurface Radius values. R, G, and B.
    • Advise? .25/.15/.15 apparently. Reddish tint, just a skosh.

Donut material, temporary:

  • Tinier bit of subsurface, bread-yellow-ish, .1/.1/.1 radius values.

Coffee Cup notes

  • It's not in the tutorial itself but set the "coffee" material's IOR to 1.33 down from the default a bit. Andrew confirms this in a comment downthread.

Oz Pillar Scope notes

We're trying to get the ring-light to do its thing, this may be useful:

Yeah, Eevee can't "do" objects-light-up-other-objects thing with emissions, you have to "bake" in every change you make. Never mind, Cycles it is.

  • Node chain is: Value Input -> Multiply Converter (Math) (second Value is your multiplication factor) -> Emission -> Material Output.

Duck Making

The stock plastic texture from P-gon is too shiny. Find the InvertGloss node attached to Roughness and take the Factor down from 1.0 to around .4 maybe.

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