Tab key toggles between Object and Edit modes

  • When you toggle into Edit on an object, in Edit mode you can't affect anything else.

Proportional editing (hotkey O)

  • You have to scroll up a LOT to get the circle down to a small enough area.
  • So G to grab a vertice, scroll up to size the area, then Z to make it z-axis only.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.

We need more vertices to make non-blocky-looking dribbling icing, so: Right-click the icing mesh, hit Subdivide to double up the vertices/faces.

  • Number of cuts defaults to 1 which is probably fine. Smoothness should be set to 1 instead of 0 though!

Select a vertex, hi A to select All. Alt+A deselects All.

  • Alt+LeftClick selects a row (kind of), Ctrl+I inverts selection so now we've selected everything BUT that outer row.
  • Then H to Hide everything but the outer row. Neat trick. (Alt+H un-Hides, of course.)

In the Snap menu, as we play with extruding icing, we want Snap To Face and Project Individual Elements. For reasons.

Grabbing two or three of those outer-ring vertices and hitting E for Extrude lets us make new custom face(s), custom dribbles of icing.

  • Use S to Scale the extrusions to taste.

To get those drops back reattached to the donut (which we made a deep groove in), back to Edit mode.

  • Grab a vertex on the "inside" of a drop, be in Proportional mode set to smooth.
  • Size the circle as you need, also R to rotate the selection a bit to pull it "up and in"

Making a master sprinkle:

  • UV Sphere. Not sure what the diff is, NOTE look that up.
  • 1mm radius, no point in having too high of detail, all it does is ruin render time.
  • He's using 12 segments and 6 rings, which sure is low-detail!
  • Remember in edit mode to X-Ray mode so you can get the top half.
  • Don't G to grab, but E to extrude the top half of the sphere to elongate.
  • Then scale on the Z axis to bring in the roundness at each end.
  • Turn on Shade Smooth in Object mode.
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