Let's make note of some things.


  • Rhino P is obviously a keeper.
  • Nekros P is situational.
  • Ivara (w/ Dread bow) is our stealth (Spy mission) champion.
  • Vauban is the excavation master with his little zot rollers.


We want to level up Dread. We want, once we're MR10/12, to get Amprex (fun but not essential) and Arca Plasmor (daily driver, awesome weapon) because OMGWTFAwesomesauce.

Lex Prime may not be a weapon we want, but if we want to level it we need L relics cracked for Barrel and Receiver.

Pandero is under way. We'll find out.


Cryotic means Excavations. Tikal on Earth seems fine, Vauban's self-propelled rolling traps are a BIG help.

Argon Crystal means running missions in the Void though. Hooboy. Gonna need some unlocks.


  • Arbiters of Hexis needs a Tipedo Prime Handle
  • Cephalon Suda needs a Lex Prime Receiver


We're in The War Within, currently at the "asteroid field" stage. Hey, have a walkthrough: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_War_Within