Three buttons for display on a given Modifier are: Render / Realtime (Object?) / Edit. Toggle those to "see" the modifier or not in those modes.

Object mode, right-click the mesh, Shade Smooth

  • Which is cosmetic, but doesn't affect the mesh itself.
  • For THAT, go to the properties section, the wrench (modifier)
    • Add Modifier, Subdivision Surface.
    • Until you click Apply, the modifier doesn't actually change the mesh.
    • It's a soft-change, as it were.
    • Viewport value seems to affect smoothness, in Subdiv. Surface modifer.
    • AHA. Viewport value is "what you see in Blender", Render is "what you get when rendering". Duh.

The Solidify modifier adds thickness, such as to an icing layer on a virtual donut.

  • Change Offset so it thicknesses outward, not inward. 1.0 instead of -1.0, I guess.
  • Change thickness to .0025 or so to make the thickness something icing-sane.
  • Fixing the hard edge on the icing? Move the solidify ABOVE the other modifier.
  • Inner Crease value will make it "hug" the underlying donut mesh a bit better. Value of 1, probably?