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NG+ run, Blue Lions "Rael"

Squad Goals

  • Rael (M!Byleth) - I'll have fliers (Hilda, Annette, Cathi, Seteth) galore, maybe dual up on Assassin & the native Enlightened One.
    • Classes: Myrmidon (mastery for Swap) -> Thief (no mastery) -> Assassin (mastery for Lethality)
    • Training need: Bow to unlock Assassin (need C rank)
  • Dimitri - As the head-of-house, he's got his inherent special, but he's the god of lances so probably something mounted for mobility wouldn't hurt.
    • Classes: Soldier (mastery for Def +2) -> Mercenary (mastery for Vantage optional) -> Cavalier (no mastery) -> Paladin (mastery for Aegis) -> inherent High/Great Lord
    • Goals: Authority, since his Lance and Riding are already sufficient to do Paladin (which he's currently in so his class progression is mainly done)
  • Anna - Can't be a Dancer, so... benched for now really.
  • Annette - One of our mages, she's no Lysi or Doro and might in fact (given her axe buffs... Lightning Axe at rank C Axe training??) make a good axe-wielding Wyvern Lord using Bolt Axe+ to go ham on folks.
    • Classes: Monk (mastery for Mag +2) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Armored Knight (just unlock and change into once for the stat buffs) -> Pegasus Knight (mastery for Darting Blow) -> Wyvern Rider (mastery for Seal Defense) -> Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Axe and Flying for Wyvern stuff once she masters Peg Knight
  • Ashe - Bow Knight as he's our resident Bernadette-type. Easy call.
    • Classes: Fighter (mastery for Str +2) -> Archer (mastery for Hit +20 hell yes) -> Cavalier (no mastery) -> Bow Knight.
    • Goals: Riding (due to being in Sniper so not getting Riding XP in fights)
  • Catherine - Falcon Knight FTW
    • Classes: Follow Ingrid's route, basically.
    • Goals: Lance and Flying to get to Peg Knight
  • Dedue - Tanky ground-pounder, almost certainly FortKnight. Of course we lose him for several months (or permanently) so... meh?
    • Classes: Don't care. Work toward FortKnight however, not wasting planning time or effort on this.
  • Dorothea - Magic nuke, was thinking Lysithea but without Lorenz (for reasons) to get the Thrysus from his paralogue, there's no point.
    • Classes: Follow Mercy's route. She's already in Monk, excellent.
    • Goals: Faith to get to Bishop because Warlock's mastery is dumb.
  • Felix - The Internet says Bow Knight or War Master, but he's primed by the devs to be a Mortal Savant, which The Internet says sucks. It might, but I don't like Felix so screw it, Mortal Savant he gets to be.
    • Classes: Myrmidon (mastery for Spd +2) -> Mercenary (mastery for Vantage optional) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Assassin (mastery) -> Mortal Savant
    • Goals: Faith (Nosferatu unlock) and Authority (needs better Battalions)
  • Flayn - Dancer, getting Sword and Faith goals for now, we'll figure out more later.
  • Hilda - We will have two other flying axemurderesses. What about a Great Knight?
    • Classes: Fighter (for the mastery) and/or Brigand (for the mastery) -> Armored Knight (Armored Blow mastery) -> Fortress Knight (Pavise mastery) -> Great Knight
      • Main problem might be getting enough Riding up, but fixing that without wasting time in a Lance-using class is tricky. Cavalier at least lets you use an axe, and we don't care about its mastery (Desperation, lawl), so maybe put that into the mix.
    • Goals: Heavy Armor to work toward Fort Knight, Riding to work toward Great Knight
  • Ignatz - Bow Knight par excellence
    • Classes: Follow Ashe's route. He came already in the Fighter class, which helps.
    • Goals: Riding (due to being in Sniper so not getting Riding XP in fights)
  • Ingrid - Falcon Knight, she's born for it. How best to get there, though? Hmm.
    • Classes: Fighter (mastery for Str +2) -> Brigand (mastery for Death Blow) -> Armored Knight (just unlock and change into once for the stat buffs) -> Pegasus Knight (mastery for Darting Blow) -> Wyvern Rider (mastery for Seal Defense) -> Falcon Knight
    • Goals: Lance, because she already has enough Sword and Flying to get Falcon Knight when the time comes.
  • Mercedes - Gremory, she's the healbot of healbots.
    • Classes: Monk (mastery for Mag +2) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Bishop (mastery for Renewal? optional) -> Gremory
      • Note the lack of Priest, which has the terrible mastery among other things. Meh.
    • Goal: Reason, since her Faith is already A, and once she levels and Reason's high enough we go Gremory and we're done.
  • Petra - Marriage material, going to go Wyvern Lord this time because she's strong in Axe and Flying (?!?!) training as it is. Dang.
    • Classes: Arrived as Myrmidon. Need: Brigand -> Peg Knight -> Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord
    • Goals: Axe and Flying because Wyvern stuff.
  • Shamir - Bow Knight rox
    • Classes: She'll start as a Sniper so will probably need time as a Cav somehow.
    • Goals: Riding on general principle at this point (she's already meeting the Cav unlock qualifications)
  • Sylvain - Dark Knight, but this time make sure to master Mage along the way for Fiendish Blow (plus maybe some Mag growth along the way).
    • Classes: Soldier (mastery for Def +2) -> Brigand (mastery for Death Blow optional) -> Mage (mastery for Fiendish Blow) -> Paladin (mastery for Aegis) -> Dark Knight
    • Goals: Reason for DK (requires B+)

Support Rank Goals

  • Rael (M!Byleth) and Petra
  • Dimitri and Mercedes
  • Annette and Ashe
  • Ingrid and Ignatz
  • Felix and Sylvain
  • Hilda and Seteth
  • Dedue and Shamir


  • Manuela - Gremory because double doses of Warp and Bolting is a godsend if we can pull it off. Fighting that Reason deficit will suck though.
    • Possibly burn NG+ points to buff her Reason, let's see how she looks when she shows up.

NG+ run, Golden Deer "Ellie"

Squad Goals

  • Ellie (Byleth) - Falcon Knight. And maybe or maybe not bother with unlocking the Talent.
    • Requirements - Pegasus Knight: Lance at C, Flying at D. Falcon Knight: Sword at C, Lance at A, Flying at B+.
    • Faculty Training in Lance comes from Jeralt, Gilbert, Seteth, and Shamir.
  • Catherine - Our only other sword-user at the moment, and she comes with her own Relic weapon. Future plans...?
    • Possibly Falcon Knight like Ellie. Lance C and Flying D to get her airborne to start.
  • Claude - Wyvern Lord-or-whatever. Will need to make sure Authority stays up. Don't aim for horses, aim for Wyverns.
    • Requirements - Wyvern Rider: Axe at B, Flying at C. Wyvern Lord: Lance at C, Axe at A, Flying at A.
    • He eventually ends up Wyvern Master -> Barbarossa, which is a flying sniper-from-hell anyway. DANG.
    • Talent is in Axe, which we'll need for the Wyvern stuff anyway.
  • Dorothea - Another Gremory, I guess? We got her, after all.
  • Flayn - She's the easiest pick for Dancer but also the skeeviest so... meh.
    • We got Mercedes so Flayn can just be a PegKnight, baby Hilda as it were.
  • Hilda - Wyvern Lord.
    • Requirements - Wyvern stuff, see Claude.
  • Ignatz - Bow Knight by way of Sniper. There's no other choice.
    • Maybe unlock his Reason hidden Talent, maybe.
    • Requirements - Bow Knight: Lance at C, Bow and Riding at A.
  • Leonie - Bow Knight. See above req's.
  • Lorenz - Dark Mage, then eventually Dark Knight.
    • Requirements - Dark Knight: Lance at C, Reason at B+, Riding at A.
    • Make sure we get enough Lance (C+) to unlock Frozen Lance (Combat Art).
  • Lysithea - Gremory. Totally.
    • Requirements - Gremory: Reason and Faith at A.
    • Lorenz's Paralogue mission might get us Thyrsus, a range-buffing item for Lysithea? Guess we're doing that, yeah, holycrap.
      • Magic range +2, and "chance" to halve incoming damage. WELL THEN.
  • Marianne - Holy Knight.
    • There's no such thing as a flying mage w/o the DLC, so she stays grounded. Guess she's becoming this run's Ferdie.
      • Especially since her Hidden Talent in Lance unlocks Frozen Lance so yeah, I think we have a winner.
    • Requirements - Holy Knight: Lance at B, Faith at B+, Riding at A.
  • Mercedes - Dancer is the goal, need to make sure CHA is up enough. In the meantime, Gremory is the side-goal.
    • Also S level support, obvs.
  • Raphael - Grappler then War Master, almost assuredly.
    • If Grappler then War Master, with Authority at B, give him the Leicester Mercs.
    • Requirements - Brawler: Unarmed at C rank. Grappler: Unarmed at A rank. War Master: Axe and Unarmed both at A rank.
  • Shamir - Starts as a Sniper, not sure what to do with her just yet. Bow Knight, probably. She just needs Riding at A, she already has the other two req's.
    • Or Falcon Knight w/ a bow, which is a thing you can do, well then.
  • Sylvain - Our other Dark Knight (see Lorenz).


  • Manuela - Chapter 8 or later, Ellie needs to be lvl 15+. Still want her for Warp and Levin Sword and such, off-healer while Mercedes dances around?
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