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I don't know if it's Pavlovian or what, but "Nausicaa Requiem" from the Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind soundtrack always makes me smile.

Tired, on at least three levels, but here we are on Monday morning and stuff needs doing, so.

Some of your CWs have some incredibly cryptic abbreviations on them. Not sure that helps to be honest.

...I just had a truly terrible idea for the sampler mix for the penultimate Weekly Word Working Assignment of the year.

I mean, the odds on anyone actually hearing the results are just about nil anyway, so why not do it...?

(I know how to have a fun Friday night don't you doubt that for a nanosecond, yeah.)

Watching new MST3K, the upside: Laughing while comedy professionals mock terrible movies.

Watching new MST3K, the downside: Having to endure a truly terrible movie.

Who cares what color of Friday it is? More importantly, there's a new Weekly Word Working Assignment post up!

I threw together a few dozen words about the KONGOS album, LUNATIC. Enjoy, won't you please?

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Food consumed, in copious amounts.

Now, for some reason, we're going to venture out in the rain, where it's people-y, to chase down some cheap shiny entertainment platters or some-such.

On the ACTUAL downside, Funkwhale doesn't know what a star rating means, which is... not terribly useful, considering the years I've put into rating tracks.

Sigh. Could I get something with Funkwhale's UI sensibilities but Ampache's "I can do things with star ratings"?

On the upside, I got my Funkwhale rig working.

On the downside, this has spurred me to doing a thorough pass with MusicBrainz against my 8500+ song library.

I know, it's less "downside" than "thing I should have been doing all along" but, whine, whine.

...I have a new project. It involves a lot of tagging music files. Hooboy.

But first, bed. Whoops. Look at the time!

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These are, as the phrase goes, the problems you wanna have.

So far my worst mistake of the day was bobbling my button presses in Let's Go and losing my chance for my Eevee to replace Quick Attack with Swift.


...or not, considering it won't "build" on my server.

Sigh. I give up.

Well this seems like a good thing to play with, given the musical nature of the domain I bought last week...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Snicki Minaj...

So the Synapse/Matrix thing isn't going to work out, it has too much of a tendency to bring my webserver to its knees and I'm not getting so much out of the project that I want to deal with that long-term.

Great. What does one do with a domain like earworm-dot-me? And a several-thousand-song music library already on-server?


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FrellCo: We don't necessarily know what the frell we're doing, but we're here doing it with all you fine folks anyway. We're mostly low-key dabblers when you get right down to it.