I would have done this last week but I was sick and miserable, so now that I'm back to work, I've decorated my new office for the holidays.

In related news, I will take my love of the "demotivator poster" image style to the grave, I swear unto you all.

The native resolution of the device is the quite unusual 800 x 480, which means I must make custom crops and text edits as I go. It's fun, though. I kind of live for this sort of silliness.

I have an HP "Dreamscreen" digital photo frame... thingy... in my office now. I've been throwing together some stuff to display on it, such as...

Where a lily pond would be, had we seen much in the way of rain since the start of the year...

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Broken mirror by the roadside selfie kind of...

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I like a little chicken soup with my oyster crackers...

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You could say there's some smoke in the air, yes...

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