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Hey, friends. For the last year and a half I've been writing about animation and music that has brought joy to my life. This year, the music posts include 30-second sampler mixes so you can get a feel for the record I'm writing about.

You can check out the archives here: greyduck.net/category/3wa

Please give a look and a listen, and let me know how I'm doing. Thank you.

I'm not a very good trainer/teacher, but for some products here I'm the only one we have, so... another round of that for the new guy, completed!

Nine thirty in the morning on my surprise day off. Laundry and dishwasher going, movie tickets purchased (Ocean's Eight), A/C unit running already.


This is a first: I've completed the sampler mix before completing the per-track write-up.

Why? Because I have to do the sampler mix on the big computer, while I can handle the per-track bits on my laptop. In the living room. Where the A/C is.

Effing summer.

I'd like to goof off a bit this morning but if I don't get a weekly project post out today, I don't know when my next good chance will be, and I gotta finish computering before it gets hellish outside again. So.

Think I might try to (gasp!) play a video game for maybe half an hour or so before I have to turn the computer back off for the entire rest of the day. (Bleh.)

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We've had a string of client machines show up online just long enough to generate low-disk-space alerts, then go offline before we can take any useful action.

It's been that kind of day, really.

I'd have to be in a lot worse mental shape than I am now for the old Cardcaptor Sakura theme song not to cheer me up.

"Catch you catch you catch me catch me ZETTAI..." *chairdances*

Better yet, my advice actually worked.


"Oh hey, the updated version of the cam software speaks H.264, and this camera offers H.264. Let's get that version, wot?"

It's always nice when one's hobbies can help positively inform a work situation. Such as, my (admittedly minimal) knowledge of A/V codecs versus the problem of high CPU usage when using the fancy 1080p IP camera in the conference room.

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We have always been at war with Microsoft.

(This thought brought to you by yet another impending evening of after-hours futzing with our database server's inability to apply patch updates.)

Not a great night of sleep, it's gonna be hot later, but I need to get another weekly post queued so hey it's 8am and let's get started on that.

My Pokémans, I Am Showing You Them: greyduck.net/journal/3300

(I went on a bit of a PoGO safari, basically.)

I've written about Duran Duran's ASTRONAUT before... back at its release date of 2004. Now I'm going to (try to) do it justice in this week's project post. Enjoy, won't you please?


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Portland folks, Trimet added reduced fares for low income people. $28 monthly passes!


Nothing quite like a dedicated deployment project for which you're the best staffer available in order to burn the remaining hours before vacation starts, am I right?