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Hey, friends. For the last year and a half I've been writing about animation and music that has brought joy to my life. This year, the music posts include 30-second sampler mixes so you can get a feel for the record I'm writing about.

You can check out the archives here: greyduck.net/category/3wa

Please give a look and a listen, and let me know how I'm doing. Thank you.

I vacuumed. I even got those spaces alongside the washing machine and the refrigerator where all the dust bunnies hide out.

And swept/mopped.

Ready for a break now.

Asleep by ten-or-so. Woke at two. Could NOT get back to sleep until after five thirty. Out of bed for the day at seven thirty.

Yeah, this'll be fun.

My day: Grocery shopping, catching ALL THE CHIKORITAS in Pokémon Go, several hours (!!) of Warframe, some anime (slogging through Magic Knight Rayearth, which I've not seen before), and working on an upcoming 3WA post in which I balance saying nice things about the album while saying... less-nice things about the band that made it.

A full day!

Periodic reminder:

Moore's law stopped in 2005. Since then, a new computer has not been faster than an old computer with the same cost.

Those new capabilities that *can* be used to speed up software (such as multiple cores) require modifications to that software: in other words, new computers can only run software faster when application developers put effort into optimization.

(Welp. Time to remove more old antivirus software from machines and replace with new antivirus software. Keep on keeping on...)

Have run out of oomph, it's 2.25 hours until the end of the work week, and boy howdy am I feeling done.

Dagnabbit, the timeline-scrolled-just-as-you're-clicking-a-link-now-you-just-starred-a-different-toot thing is annoying.

This week's writing project post is... kind of redundant because I wrote a review of Queen of Hearts' COCOON a year or so back. D'oh.

This one's better anyway. It has a sampler mix, for starters! Enjoy, won't you please?


Glory be unto 'grep' and also unto 'sed' for they have made my work this day far less onerous than originally expected.

I get excited about a new version of a utility only to find that this new version is missing a bunch of features I need out of the old version. GOOD JOB GUYS.

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Ha ha, I think my body's telling me that milkshakes are straight-out /verboten/ going forward.

Ah well. I'm getting old! Yay!

I'd forgotten what a goofy joy the Brownsville Mix of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" really is.

I'd forgotten that Captain Marvel is due to open on my birthday.

Note to self: There's a birthday present for myself coming up just as soon as tickets go on sale.

If I can make one of my five new antivirus migration tickets go away today, it'll make the entire workday worth it.

As one ages, all sorts of things in the body break down. That one bit in your knee. That spot right behind the shoulder blade. The various squishy food-processing bits.

The bit between your brain and your mouth which normally keeps best-unvoiced thoughts unvoiced.

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