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Hey, friends. For the last year and a half I've been writing about animation and music that has brought joy to my life. This year, the music posts include 30-second sampler mixes so you can get a feel for the record I'm writing about.

You can check out the archives here: greyduck.net/category/3wa

Please give a look and a listen, and let me know how I'm doing. Thank you.

Weekend project, complete. Everything (except for the PS2 we never use) is in place and working. TV is fed by the receiver via its HDMI switching capability. (Previously the TV was switching the inputs which was clunky as heck.) And now the turntable has a home. Huzzah!

Even got most of the Funko to fit into the new shelving scheme. Woot.

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Look at the cute Natu with a donut! Don't you want to buy it coffee so it would have a set? ko-fi.com/A1789TG
(due to some health issues I'm late on a job and could use a couple of bucks ;) ) #creativetoots #mastoart
You can also buy it as a sticker! redbubble.com/people/pedes/wor

How an SMS phishing attack works.
This victim gave up the code for their own bank account.

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I am not good at arguing with customer service, especially that of an infamously unhelpful entity like Frontier, but I get to do that today anyway.

I expect this not to go well. Sigh.

Welp. I have done more expensive adulting.

I ordered a set of A/V equipment shelves. Living room improvement get!

Yeah, I need somebody to sign for this... *checks notes*... double-sized shipment of Monday somebody ordered up? C'mon, hurry up, I haven't got all day.

I am... not a graphic designer. Ahem. But something's better than nothing, yes?

Was going to play video games for a bit.

Have gotten sucked into making an instance thumbnail instead. I hope nobody minds that a space pirate is going to be our instance mascot.

(And if I must be the one to write that best-practice, so be it. I am, after all, one of the documentation guys at work.)

I'm not an artist, but I do have a decent camera. And that About page is looking kinda... default-ish.

I wonder if it's time to customize some stuff around here. Hey, any have advice on what to do (or NOT to do) in terms of customizing an instance's About page and/or other bits? (Searching the web has not yet turned up any good How To best-practices info.)

currently transferring files at 100+ MB/s and remembering transferring files at 10+ KB/s and the future isn't all horrible

@thecyberwolfe Oddly enough, the web interface was fine as long as you were logged in and going to the frell.co/web page. It's the default/About page which was broken. All for the want of a logo file in Webpacker.

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